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the Trolley  Customizable dedicated to
skeet shooting

From today we can say enough of the embarrassment of not knowing where to place the shooting tools. No more busy arms, guns on tables, on the floor or chairs, worry about custody etc.


RoTiRo is the solution for the shooter who loves order, elegance and practicality

at the same time.

RoTiRo is Practicality

RoTiRo makes your life easier, allows you to carry everything in a single container, protected and tidy in the various compartments, so that you always have your shooting tools at hand.


You can carry it with you anywhere with one hand and position it vertically, in fact it takes up very little space on the platform, just 50 square cm, the same space as a standing man.


RoTiRo is Originality

RoTiRo is entirely built with Made in Italy materials. It was born from a need of its creator, thinking of robustness, practicality, without sacrificing elegance.

However, we also wanted to give an imprint of uniqueness, which would emphasize the status of the Shooter, and that is why we made it customizable.


RoTiRo is Elegance

For sure you will not go unnoticed!

Your personalized and exclusive RoTiRo, with its elegance and the Made in Italy brand, will be noticed everywhere.

Anyone who owns a RoTiRo will have a piece of the history of Italian craftsmanship in hand, as well as the privilege of owning a unique piece, the right place to store your precious shotgun.



We welcome you to the RoTiRo Shop

Here you will find the available essences, the possibility to customize your trolley and buy it comfortably with a click.

RoTiRo 2022 collection

Buy your exclusive and personalized Made in Italy RoTiRo now


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    Where is RoTiRo produced?

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