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How RoTiRo was born

I was ten years old when I ran away from my mother to take refuge in the shop, school did not give me stimuli, books did not transmit the passion I felt when I could build something with my own hands!


I tried, but my legs always carried me to the shop.

So I followed my instincts and my aptitudes and I became a carpenter.

In the course of a lifetime, it happens once or twice to make fundamental choices and it is important to remain faithful to them, despite the doubts, this has been one of those times.

Yes, but ... you are wondering what this has to do with RoTiRo?

Wait, wait, it has something to do with it!

A couple of years ago, I started practicing skeet shooting;

I am very passionate about this sport and when I can I spend my free time on the platform.

But carrying everything you need - shotgun, cartridges, vests - was beginning to be a problem. At least two bags were needed, with the result of having both hands busy, as well as not being able to have all the material in one place.

It was getting too demanding.

But it wasn't like me to give up for so little ...

So I thought: why not create a container with wheels that can carry everything, absolutely everything, you need and that can be pulled with just one finger?

And here is the RoTiRo, the first trolley designed and dedicated to the shooter, customizable, with a wooden structure (well, I'm still a carpenter!) And the interior divided into practical compartments for the shotgun but also for all accessories for the skeet shooting.

Long last! Now I can also go to the bar with my shooting friends, taking everything with me but with my hands free!

It is really true that need sharpens ingenuity!

Now practically everyone wants it, fascinated by the practicality of use and the personalized and unique design in the world!

I love my job, I love people like me who put passion, heart and energy into it.

I like to see possibilities where others see obstacles.

Roberto Rossali


Below you can watch the video of the story by choosing the subtitles in your language 

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